Name: Cocamidopropylamine oxide (CAO)

I. Product performance
1. It is good to low temperature stability of liquid washing products, and has favorable compatibility with other surfactants;
2. It is positive ion in acid system. It has favorable antistatic and smooth performance;
3. It is nonionic in alkalic system. it has favorable thickening, foaming and foam stabilizing properties.
4. It can reduce irritation of other surfactants.

II. Technical index

Key indicators
Index value
colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Effective substance / (%)
PH value/ (1% aqueous solution)/25℃
Free H2O2/ (%)≤

III. Usage and dosage
The product can be widely used in shampoo, bath foam, liquid soap, and household detergent.
Recommended dosage: 2~6%
V. Packing:
50kg or 200kg plastic drum.