Name: Palm oil amide methyl MEA (PMMEA)

I. Product performance
1. The product is new natural nonionic surfactant, with excellent thickening performance.
2. Excellent thickening performance in AES/AOS/alcohol ether system/AES/sulfonic acid/alcohol ether systems.
3. Compared with traditional CMEA, it has better fluidity at normal temperature.
4. Compared with CMMEA, it has better thickening performance.
5. Favorable wetting and dirt-removal properties.

II. Technical index

Key indicators
Index value
light yellow transparent liquid
Solid content/ (%)/≥
Amine value/ (mgKOH/g)/≤
PH value/ (1.0% aqueous solution)/25℃/≤
Petroleum ether dissolved matter/ (%)≤

III. Usage and dosage
The product can be widely used in laundry detergent, shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel, and other products.
Recommended dosage: 1~5%
V. Packing:
200kg iron drum or plastic drum.